Thanks for spending a few moments considering ways you can care for Earth, our Common Home! Laudato si — indeed, Praised Be our good and provident God for the gift of our Common Home!

I am Sister Susan Kusz, a Sister of Notre Dame originally from Ohio. My dad was a tremendous influence in my young life. He loved every bit of God’s creation and taught us to do the same. Flowering plants, vegetables, trees, ducks, geese, Bantam chickens, Australian Ring Neck Doves, miniature schnauzers, peacocks, parakeets, you-name-it, we had it on our two-acre property in Toledo! I grew up loving “all things outdoors.” As a Sister of Notre Dame, I have been active in ministry in Ohio, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and am currently in Wisconsin. My itinerant life in retreat work has taken me across this beautiful land of the USA many times. I prefer to drive rather than fly; consequently, I have seen varied landscapes on all my travels.

This blog evolved, morphing from the “Friday Earth Alive” news tidbits written for the SND updates beginning in 2008 to the current format as a result of a project for the Collaborative Leadership Development Program for women religious. I have a passion for sustainable living and the weekly writings enable me to keep reading and growing and allow me to share what I learn with you, the readers. Thank you for joining me in accepting Pope Francis’ invitation to live in a responsible manner that will allow many to enjoy life on this planet for generations to come!



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  1. Years ago I lived in North Philadelphia, a poor area, and the thing that bothered me the most was the smell! The houses were well built, albeit years before, and quite substantial, but they had come upon hard times. We often wondered if the city had forgotten our area. One of the sisters in full habit (we had changed by then but not Sr. Mary Rosario) would find the trash collectors and direct them to an especially large pile of trash. She didn’t want them to miss it! And she did this week after week. Our families deserved a tidy neighborhood with fewer unhappy smells.


  2. Susan, just signed up and am looking forward to following your blog. Your dedication to keeping this in front of all of us is much appreciated. Kathy


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